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Enlighten Apr 13, 2017

In Balance With: Tal Winter & Kate Cutler [Q&A]

In Balance With: Tal Winter & Kate Cutler [Q&A]

Tal Winter (TW) and Kate Cutler (KC) decided to quit their comfortable 9-5 jobs to set off on a new adventure and revolutionize the way modern women should hydrate. And so they founded bkr: a lifestyle brand of luxurious water bottles (the perfect hydrating accessory).

TW and KC courage to recreate their lives in order to add a little extra glamour to the lifestyles of women made us curious and was to learn more about how they found the perfect balance between beauty and life.

Responses from the founders of bkr

I find balance in...

TW & KC: A moderation in everything; we chase our donuts with green juice.

In the morning I like to...

TW: Go for long walks around San Francisco.

KC: have a big mug of chai tea with milk.

Beauty obsession of the moment¦

TW & KC: is that we carry our teeny bkrs everywhere so we are never ever thirsty!

One piece of health advice you would give to your younger self?

TW & KC: Sunscreen. Also, you look great - enjoy it!

What makes you crack up with laughter?

TW & KC: Pictures and memories from the beginning of bkr - it's been a crazy ride.

Healthy habit you'd like to adopt?

TW & KC: Taking time for ourselves.

Tula Skincare Products

**Two of the many and diverse bkr products.**

Your guilty pleasure...

TW & KC: Reality TV and we're too embarrassed to name names.

What was the last song you sang in the shower?

KC: "Sorry" by Justin Bieber because my kids are beliebers.

TW: Same answer but no good excuse.

I like to work up a sweat by¦

TW & KC: Shopping quickly.

My super power is ¦

TW: Getting the best hotel room.

KC: Supernatural hearing.

Cause closest to your heart?

TW & KC: Clean water initiatives and early detection research for Cancerboth of which bkr has supported since the beginning.

Netflix What? Chill with who?
TW & KC: House of Cards and Narcos with each other.
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