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Enlighten Feb 02, 2017

In Balance With: Kelli Bartlett [Q&A]

In Balance With: Kelli Bartlett [Q&A]

Kelli Bartlett (KB) is an accomplished makeup artist and a Director of Makeup Artistry at GLAMSQUAD. She brings around a decade of experience on red carpets, runways, and editorial fashion magazines.

Her work has appeared in Harper's Bazaar, Town & Country, Vanity Fair, Cosmopolitan, and US Weekly, among many others. She has been seen on camera as an industry expert on Access Hollywood, FOX News, The Insider, Good Morning America, and REVLON's recent/new Gold Series.

Kelli's passion for making women look/feel beautiful and empowered is what made us curious to learn all her top beauty and health secrets in regards to balance.

Responses from makeup artist and Director of Makeup Artistry at GLAMSQUAD

I find balance in...

KB: Taking time for self-care, my friends, spending time with my niece/nephews, playing with dogs, remembering that what I do is meant to uplift and empower!

In the morning I like to...

KB: Pop out of bed, drink a glass of lemon water and go sweat it out at 305 fitness.

Beauty obsession of the moment

KB: I am obsessed with bigger, bolder brows! No more tweezing, waxing, threading... Now, it is more about the hair you add, rather than the hair you take-away!

One piece of health advice you would give to your younger self?

KB: Drink more water. My Nana always said, "your body cries for water!" I wish I had created the habit when I was younger.

What makes you crack up with laughter?

KB: My niece, Joella! At 3 1/2, she is so smart and so goofy and just perfect.

Healthy habit you'd like to adopt?

KB: Clean eating... I am SUCH a sucker for baked goods, but I DO try and keep it in moderation. I find that sharing a doughnut is always more fun than eating solo!

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Your guilty pleasure...

KB: Zeel in-home massages. They are divine!

What was the last song you sang in the shower?

KB: Justin Bieber's "Sorry." It is so catchy and perfect for sudsing up!

I like to work up a sweat by

KB: Dance cardio is my JAM! Nothing gets me sweating more than boogy-ing and shaking my booty with high-impact dance cardio!

My super power is

KB: I got the nickname "The Lash Whisperer" because I never leave a lash unnoticed!!

Cause closest to your heart? 

KB: There are so many- however, I feel incredibly passionate about teaching women about makeup. I enjoy working with Dress for Success and local LGBT centers instructing makeup novices how to contour and teaching trans women how to accentuate her features-- makeup is a tool to empower us to be the person we want to be!

Netflix What? Chill with who?

KB: Netflix: Any documentary! With: the Man! 

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