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Enlighten Apr 19, 2017

Cooking Up a Healthy Kitchen

Cooking Up a Healthy Kitchen

There’s so much to consider when it comes to leading a wholesome life. We try to stay healthy with exercise, good nutrition, adequate sleep, and minimal stress. We search for natural ingredients to eat, to wear, and to apply on our skin. We constantly aim to sanitize everything. We even worry about the larger issues like global warming and water pollution and then apply it all to our families, pets, and friends. No wonder our heads are about to burst!

But wait... have we even considered our home, let alone our kitchen? Keeping our home as healthy as our bodies is disregarded more often than not. And considering all the time we spend at home, it shouldn't be!

Healthy kitchens aren't just about the food they store. They are the make-or-break of creating a healthier (and happier) place. So start living that ideal, wholesome life with some of these tips:

[ Clean Countertops ] 

Choose kitchen counters made from less porous materials which are less prone to collecting bacteria from food residue. Check out brands that are hardy, smooth, and easy to clean such as NanoBionics, Clean Touch Steel Technology, or Sil-granite II (which is 80% granite/20% resin).

[ Conceptual Colors ]

Believe it or not, color can affect your mindset. So color choice is essential! Certain paint colors make you hungrier such as red or orange. So avoid those if you’re trying to stay out of the refrigerator at midnight (we know that leftover pizza is tempting...).

[ Go Green ]

Make a “green” wall on a window sill where you grow herbs and use them in your cooking – a healthy way to add flavor to your meals. Being mindful of where your food comes from in this small way (you don't need to start a WHOLE garden) will help you appreciate your meals more and take time to enjoy the food. If not herbs, grow potted plants like orchids or African Violets as décor that's au naturel. You can even try changing terrariums.

[ Easing Environment ]

Incorporate natural materials such as wood, stone, or grass wallpaper to bring nature indoors (In fact, this should go for all your rooms). Not only is this aesthetically pleasing, but it has a bonus stress-reducing effect.

[ Super Sanitize ]

Disinfect countertops, refrigerator door handles, and cupboard pulls nightly. This will keep your hardware bright and shiny for years, and it’ll keep your family healthier. Nightly may sound like a big commitment, but a quick once-over is worth it.