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Balance Mar 18, 2017

Celestial Balance: This Weekend’s Spring Equinox

Celestial Balance: This Weekend’s Spring Equinox

You don't have to be an astronomer to take delight in Sunday's Spring Equinox: the moment when one of two instances (a year) the day and night are equal in length. This is due to the fact that the Earth's two hemispheres receive the sun's rays equally.

In the Northern Hemisphere Sunday's Equinox signals the beginning of Spring: the sunrise is earlier and the sunset is later. In the Southern Hemisphere, autumn begins.

Talk about a perfect balance! Twelve hours of night and twelve hours of day. Half the Earth heralds Spring and the other half Fall. Afraid you'll miss it?

Don't worry!

You can celebrate our favorite equilibrium-deliverer every day of every year. Our Hydrating Day & Night Cream is the moisture cream equivalent of celestial balance for your skin. Smooth it on your face in the morning (even under your makeup!) and at night before you go to bed. Use it with our Illuminating Face Serum for a well-matched, double dose of balance. Your skin will look youthfully radiant like no other no matter what time of day or what hemisphere you're in.

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Fun Facts

  • An equinox is caused by the Earth's tilt, and its ceaseless motion in orbit around the sun.
  • Balance is the key concept behind TULA's product. Each product contains a patented probiotic technology, nutripeptides, fruit and vegetable extracts, omega 3, and 6 fatty acids. All of these work in harmony to restore the equilibrium of your skin and defend it from free radical attacks.
  • 2016 has the earliest Spring since 1896!
  • In the Northern Hemisphere, astronomers and scientists use the Vernal Equinox as the start of Spring, which ends on the June Solstice (when astronomical Summer begins).