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Dr. Raj Feb 05, 2017

Balance is Key to Success

Balance is Key to Success

Balance is an important aspect of our lives in regards to health, relationships, diet¦ the list goes on. It's also an essential part of any successful weight loss plan.

Your healthy actions need to fit seamlessly into your life and not be an added cause of stress! As a busy mom, doctor, media personality, and co-founder of TULA, I know how challenging it can be to stay on top a healthy routine.

For me, being active is one of the best ways to keep my mind and body in balance. Everyone has their tricks and tips but below are five simple steps that personally help me stay on track when life gets way too busy!

1. Remind Yourself That You're in Control!

Always view your healthy habits as one thing that you're completely in control of. You can't control the traffic or the weather, but you absolutely can control what you eat and how frequently you exercise. It's all about that mind strength!

2. Plan Ahead

Don't let yourself get hungry without knowing what you'll eat next. Sometimes I go from a TV appearance in the morning straight to office to see patients. For cases like these, I always pack healthy snacks such as raisins, walnuts, or almonds.

I also recommend trying to log your full day of food (Lose It! makes this easy) and when you're hungry just reference your food log to see what's up next. This way, you don't have to think about your food choices because you've already made them!

3. Don't Be Afraid To Say No

Balance means having the courage and strength to say no even if it's for something that might not seem so important like preparing a healthy food or getting some exercise.

In fact, nothing is really unimportant. If you feel strongly that something will support your healthy life, that's a good enough reason to say no to things otherwise. I say no a lot! I realize I can't do everything so I prioritize my own well being as high as I can.

4. Remember What Makes You Feel Good

If you don't feel 100%, you can't give 100%!

When life is at its busiest, you need to be at your best.You know you feel your best when you're eating right, getting enough sleep, and exercising well. That's why it's important to prioritize your health. By making healthy living a large pillar of your life, you will be able to face your daily challenges and live your life as the happiest.

5. Moderation is Key

Moderation is a commitment to balance. It involves finding strategies and habits that can be maintained over the long-term without cycling between one end of the extreme and the other.

I always obey the 80/20 diet rule. I try to eat healthy 80% of the time and take 20% of my daily calories to indulge in my favorite snack. Following this rule allows me to enjoy the foods I love without ruining my waistline and keeping me on a healthy diet track.