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Beauty May 07, 2017

5 Tips for Starting a New Spring Skincare Regimen

5 Tips for Starting a New Spring Skincare Regimen

With May rolling in as well as its nice, warm weather, it's time to welcome spring with some awesome changes. Whether it's our wardrobes or makeup styles, the options for spring transformations are endless. And don't forget about skincare!

But a word of caution: be careful to not alter your regimen too quickly or too drastically because your skin might not cooperate. So here's a quick guide to starting your new spring thing with five skincare tips (safely!).

Ease Into Your New Regimen

It can be tempting to dive into a completely revamped regimen with all the newest trends in skincare. But when starting out with a new product or regimen, it's important to pay attention to how your skin reacts.

Always test a product on the back of your hand or arm first as a patch test before putting it all over your face. It's a quick way to see how it feels and smells too! Once the coast is clear, apply a bit on your face. Check for flaking, redness, rashes, and/or new breakouts. If you don't seem to be responding well to the new product, try reducing the frequency of use. Remember that your skin reacting to a product doesn't necessarily mean it's not right for your skin. You may simply need to ease into it.

Start by using it one to three times a week, allowing your skin to adjust gradually. Or, consider trying a starter kit like the TULA Discovery Kit, or shopping mini sizes first, making sure your skin can tolerate the new ingredients.

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Shed the Dead Weight

    During the winter, your skin is exposed to extreme changes in temperature from cold outsides to dry air caused by indoor heating.The result? Flaky, itchy skin. But not to worry! There are lots of ways to exfoliate that layer of dead skin but the two most important ways are physical and (gentle) chemical exfoliation.

    For physical, you can physically exfoliate with a mesh cloth or a scrub. Just avoid scrubbing too hard or using a scrub that has an overly abrasive ingredient (like nut shells). This can cause small microscopic tears in the skin that lead to skin inflammation.

    For chemical, try a product with AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids) that help gently encourage cell turnover time.

    If you're looking for a product that combines both kinds of exfoliation, try the TULA Exfoliating Treatment Mask. It uses gentle biodegradable micro-beads for physical exfoliation and lactic acid for a chemical one.

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    Consider Adding a New Step or Specialized Product

      If you're looking to achieve a specific skincare goal, you may need to think about adding a step or product you've never used before. It may sound time consuming to add another step, but some products can actually make the rest of your routine more effective.

      For example, a serum can serve as vitamin for your skin that's used before your moisturizer. Because the molecules in a serum are much smaller than those in a moisturizer, a serum can penetrate more deeply into the skin and deliver a very high concentration of active ingredients to your skin cells.

      Likewise, using a more targeted treatment during the night can help your skin repair itself even more effectively while you sleep. Did you know that your cell turnover during deep sleep is almost triple that of when you're awake? The TULA Overnight Treatment is formulated specifically to be used overnight during that regeneration process so that you wake up feeling hydrated, refreshed, and just purely amazing.

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      Remember That Some Products Take Time to Work

        Depending on the product, it could take anywhere from two weeks to two months for results to show, but that doesn't mean it's not working! Skincare takes patience, and even the best products require consistent, regular use to help improve the skin with lasting effects.

        The TULA Multi-Spectrum Eye Renewal Serum has been clinically proven to help diminish dark circles and fine lines when tested over 4-6 weeks. As a bonus, this product also has a unique metal tip applicator and some caffeine to instantly de-puff and refresh the eye area so you see an immediate benefit as well!

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        When in Doubt, Ask!

          If you're trying something new, and you're not sure how to use the product, when to use it, or what to expect, you're not alone! Skincare is serious, and if you're making an investment in something new, you deserve to get answers to any or all questions you have.

          At TULA, we have a team trained on skincare health and are more than willing to assist any questions you have about our products or skincare overall! You can contact us at, or give us a call at 646-759-1156. Talk soon!

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