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Beauty May 08, 2017

3 Unsexy Secrets for Sexy Skin

3 Unsexy Secrets for Sexy Skin

A sexy body might mean different things for different people, but sexy skin always means the same thing: clear, smooth, and radiant!

With summer nearing, we're trying every new emerging skincare trend (micro-needling, anyone?) to make our skin feel sexy. But we've got to break you some news.The three best ways we found to achieve glowing skin are, well, unsexy.

Despite its nature, these three unsexy secrets are bound to work (trust us!) so scroll down for some sexy results.

Balance Your Gut

An imbalanced gut is never a fun topic of conversation. Constipated? Bloated? So not sexy!

But believe it or not, your gut woes can't be directly linked to the challenges with your skin like breakouts and inflammation. In fact, our founder Dr. Roshini Raj came up with the idea of using probiotics in skincare when she noticed that patients taking probiotics not only felt better about their gastrointestinal issues, but also experienced a noticeable improvement in the health of their skin!

So if you're looking for healthy, sexy skin, make probiotic-filled and fermented foods a regular part of your diet. Aim to have at least one gut-friendly food every day whether it's yogurt, kimchi, cabbage, or sea algae.

If you're a little wary of trying new things, plenty of foods are now enriched with probiotics so go on a search (there's even probiotic chocolate!).

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Apply Bacteria to Your Face

    The idea of putting bacteria on your face might sound strange, but it makes sense since your stomach and skin respond well to the same treatment. Just as good bacteria (or probiotics) can help calm your gut issues, they can also help naturally balance your skin, strengthen its barrier, and calm skin surface inflammation to leave your skin glowing.

    You can create a probiotic mask on your own using yogurt or Kefir, but there are also products that offer good bacteria. Every TULA product is powered by probiotics and superfoods like turmeric, blueberries, and tea.

    If you're new to probiotic skincare, try starting with the TULA DIscovery Kit. Want to dive right in? Our best selling skincare product is the Hydrating Day & Night Cream, a luxurious cream that is lightweight enough for daytime use and effective enough for the night.

    Tula Skincare Products

    Love Your Sweat

    There's no way around it. Regular exercise is crucial for sexy skin. Working out isn't just about slimming down or adding muscle. It's about feeling happier and more confident as well as reducing body-wide inflammation, regulating hormones, and preventing free-radical damage.

    The benefits of exercising for your skin continue even after you stop moving. Your improved relaxation shows on your face with fewer worry lines, and the increased blood flow to the skin gives you a natural glow.

    In fact, working up a good sweat is almost like getting a mini-facial. When pores dilate, the sweat expels trapped dirt and oil, eliminating toxins from within. Just make sure to fully rinse after a session so all that gunk doesn't work its way back into your pores!

    Not a gym junkie? No worries! Try some of these.Ease into a new fitness routine by joining challenges, recruiting your best friends, or making small adjustments to your overall day. Afterwards, spritz with a refreshing mist like the TULA Urban Defense Hydrating Mist to keep that glow lasting longer.

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