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Jun 09, 2017

Skincare Must Haves with TULA: DANI MARIE

Skincare Must Haves with TULA: DANI MARIE

I have used Tula Skin Care products for about a year now. While I try and use other products, I always find myself going back to my Tula products every time. They just seem to the be the products that work the best all together and on a regular basis for my skin. They always leave my skin feeling soft and healthy every time I use them. 

I always start with their Purifying Skin Cleanser to start my night time routine. I love that i takes my makeup off super gently and doesn’t dry out my skin. It is my absolute favorite cleanser that I have ever use.

Second I use their new PH Resurfacing Gel. This is a brand new product that just came out that I was lucky enough to try out ahead of time. It seriously makes my skin so much softer and helps it to rebalance it’s pH. It is a toner so I use it after my face wash but before my moisturizer.

Lastly I use their hydrating day & night moisturizer. This stuff is seriously so good babes. It isn’t greasy at all, my skin has never been more hydrated, and it lasts forever which I love.

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