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Apr 05, 2016

TULA Skincare Routine: Kate

TULA Skincare Routine: Kate

"Today I will share with you my TULA beauty routine. It may sound weird to be smothering your face with live bacteria but probiotics are the new beauty breakthrough as they have been shown to help with clearer skin, calm skin sensitivity and redness, and protect the skin against environmental damage. This new technology is something that really made sense to me and could not wait to try.

The Purifying Face Cleanser  The scent is a subtle and fresh. It's creamy silky texture lathers really nicely and gets rid of all make up my make up. A pro: a little bit of this stuff goes a long way & I've had no breakouts in making the switch to this product!

Illuminating Face Serum  Love this stuff the most I think. It's super silky and I definitely have noticed the difference in the look of my skin after I apply my make up. The serum creates an even skin tone and gives a bright healthy glow. I use a decent amount of this only face every morning after I wash my face but before I use the Day Cream. Then I apply my make-up!"

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