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Reviews May 20, 2016

Aging Gracefully: Holly

Aging Gracefully: Holly

"I WILL NEVER go without moisturizer on my skin day or night! There are a few steps or products that I may skip, but my moisturizer is NEVER one of those. Moisturizer is VITAL to great skin for both men and women! That is why I wanted to introduce you all to one of my new found favorite companies, TULA! 

The day and night moisturizer is so soft and refreshing! It's a great, breathable formula and by that I mean that I can put it on, and it absorbs well into the skin to then apply foundation or other makeup over top.  Some moisturizers are too oily or sticky to pair with makeup, but this one is perfect! This formula is created to nourish and hydrate the skin as well as reduce the appearance of fine lines, and it does that! I could tell after only one use that my skin was more supple.

Now on to one of my favorite beauty products the Exfoliating Treatment Mask!  The mask is soooo wonderful! As I mentioned, I always have something on my skin, and it needs a deep cleaning every week! I typically use a mask two to three times a week or, my rule of thumb, every other day.  I view a mask as a necessity in my beauty routine because it just goes a little deeper than your average cleanser and, this one in particular is ex-foliating and makes your face feel so smooth and soft. I have a little discoloration in areas, and this mask helps to really smooth everything out and make my skin look and feel so shiny and bright. The day after I use this mask, my makeup goes on so smoothly, and I can see a reduced appearance of my fine lines that I am beginning to notice around my eyes."

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