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AskTULA Jun 14, 2017

Ask TULA: Is There Anything Simple?

Ask TULA: Is There Anything Simple?

Dear TULA,

I'm trying out skincare for the first time and have heard great things about this brand. So I thought I'd to reach out and ask what you'd recommend for a newbie like me.

I'm a 26 year old girl working as an associate designer at a fashion company. So I know all about fabrics, stitches, and what-not, but have no idea about skincare. It dawned on me the other day that I need to start thinking seriously about my skin. So I felt that it was time for me to put myself out there in the skincare world and find what's right for me.

You can think of me as a beginner when it comes to skincare since I'm the type that just washes my face with whatever at home, whether that be bar soap or face wash gifted by a family or friend. And having pretty oily skin, I've never bothered to slather on lotion as well. So my skin routine has been pretty... simple.

I've asked some friends how they take care of their skin, and it just confused me even more. Some had twenty different products in their morning and night routines and mentioned terms like double cleanse while others say if your makeup looks good from last night, no need to wash it off-- no one will notice. I personally think the latter is not an example to follow, but the former seems way too complex for me. Is there anything simple that TULA could recommend me?



Hi Karen,

We're so happy that you've reached out and good news, we've got the perfect regimen for you! We understand that as a first-timer, jumping into serious skincare can be a bit overwhelming with all the choices and treatments available. We've received letters like yours before, so you are not alone.

We realize that a complicated process is not for everyone and, not to mention, is tough to stick with. It's important to consistently care for your skin that's why we've created a Basic regimen that provides all the essential steps leaving your complexion - balanced, glowing, and hydrated. It's a simple three-step program that takes only three minutes to complete. After all, three minutes a day will keep the wrinkles away!

Tula Skincare Products

The first step is to cleanse with our refreshing gel cleanser that reveals glowing skin by gently removing any debris and makeup without stripping or over-drying. The second step is balance with our alcohol-free gel toner that balances your skin's pH, smoothes, and hydrates with our exclusive probiotic-glycolic blend (it's life changing!). The third step is hydrate with our nourishing moisturizer that not only hydrates, but also improves skin health with probiotics and other skin superfoods. This moisturizer is light enough for day and still hydrating enough for night.

It's really easy as 1-2-3! We hope this helps, and if you have any further questions, please reach out. We'd love to hear how your skin is doing in a few weeks. Remember consistency is key!